So far, so good.

As mushers and their teams arrived at Skwentna, there were no complaints about the trail.

Ray Redington Jr. and Mats Petterssen arrived within a minute of each other.

Last year's champion Mitch Seavey gave four of his dogs a break and a ride-a-long. He’s saving them for later in the race.

Who’s to argue with a three-time winner?

Perhaps the biggest surprise was from musher Scott Janssen. The veteran has had a rough go in recent years scratching the past four races.

The “Mushing Mortician” as he’s known pulled into the checkpoint in fifth place. Early standings can change before this story is written but Janssen nonetheless is off to a solid start.

Fan favorite Aliy Zirkle noted the enthusiasm on the trail. It invigorates both the mushers and dogs.

From here, mushers head to Finger Lake and then a tough trek through the Alaska Range. 

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