Responders are still on site to assess an oil spill in Shuyak Strait, 49 miles north of Kodiak.

According to a news release from the U.S. Coast Guard on Sunday, six bags of oily waste were collected and being stored on Nuka Island in accordance with the Unified Command's waste management plan.

"A secondary inflatable containment boom, as well as an inner boom ring, is being deployed to further absorb any remaining oil within the contained area," the release said. The inner boom ring is a secondary level of protective containment boom deployed inside the primary boom."

Weather conditions prevented crews from initially getting to and containing the spill which reportedly happened the morning of February 26, when an abandoned building collapsed during extreme weather conditions. An oil fuel bladder located inside the building fell in the water spilling 3,000 gallons of Bunker C fuel oil into the water.

Coast Guard, ADEC and Alaska Chadux Corporation anchored an inflatable containment boom in the water around the spill to keep the oil from spreading. In Port William, 2,100 feet of boom is being used, along with absorbent materials, to collect the spilled product.

No impacts to wildlife were observed during the initial assessment. The area is critical habitat for both sea otters and Steller sea lions.

“Our response crews continue to actively monitor the spill site and are aggressively conducting recovery efforts utilizing deployed absorbent materials,” said Shawn Decker, Alaska Chadux Operations Section Chief. “Our primary focus remains on containing and controlling the spilled product within the impacted area as we continue ongoing recovery efforts.”

Scott Gross contributed to this story. 

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