Anchorage police say an argument over a six-pack of beer last year led to 28-year-old James L. Tello attacking his own mother.

"James pushed his mother to the floor, kicked her in the ribs, and punched her twice in the head," said police spokesperson Renee Oistad.

Police say the incident happened on the 3300 block of Boniface Parkway in November. Tello has two outstanding warrants for his arrest and they're asking for the public's help in locating the suspect.

When officers first responded to the residence, Tello, his mother and his girlfriend were all drinking. After the mother and Tello's girlfriend started arguing, police say Tello ripped his mother's bedroom door off its hinges; he and his girlfriend left prior to police showing up.

Later in the evening, Tello returned to the home. Police said that's when he argued with his mother about the six-pack of beer.

Anyone who knows Tello whereabouts is asked to call police dispatch at 786-8900. (Press "0" to speak with an operator).

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