The good times flow at the Midnight Sun Brewing Company.

"Always happy to drink a beer, and charities, so it's been a good night," says Chris Block, especially as he and his team have extra money thanks to this fundraiser.

Block organized the Alaska Warriors Hockey Program in early 2017. Disabled veterans make up the team.

Next stop Chicago-- for the USA Hockey National Disabled Tournament. It's their first time to face out of state competition, but getting the 22 players there won't come cheaply.

"All of us paid for our airfare, but for lodging; everything else, it's going to be close to $20,000-$25,000," says Block.

Hockey is more than just a couple of hours on the ice for these vets. It gives them a chance to be around others who share similar emotional issues from combat.

"A lot of us leave the military or leave our lives in the military and we don't really have a brotherhood, we don't have veterans next to us, we don't have that camaraderie we had when were active duty, or when we were deployed," says Block, as he and his team will take a trip which is part health, part healing.

Altogether, for these vets, the ice, is the right place, at the right time.

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