The City of Palmer is looking at the possibility of banning plastic bags.

This comes after the City of Wasilla banned single-use, disposable bags in January.

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A handful of people spoke in favor of a ban at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

“If Wasilla can do it, Palmer can do it,” Hatcher Pass resident Diana Pitmans told the council.

Robert Czarnezki, the owner of Czar of Guitars in Palmer, said the ban would cut costs for small businesses.

“Any supply we have to purchase less of will increase our bottom line. It doesn’t hurt us as a business,” Czarnezki said.

Councilman Pete LaFrance put the topic up for discussion at the meeting. He said Palmer has a major pollution project because of the high winds.

"If you go behind the landfill on the great bike trails we have-- we call it the ghost forest because there are plastic bags everywhere. If you participate in the cleanup in Palmer, you realize it’s an issue and I think we should take it on, find a solution that’s good for the community and move forward,” LaFrance said.

The Palmer council is still working on legislation to determine how a ban would be implemented.

Wasilla’s ban goes into effect July 1.

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