Wear your pin, or get locked up! Friday marks the start of Fur Rondy 2018, and the Keystone Koppers will be patrolling the event to make sure you are wearing this years Fur Rendezvous pin, and to make all the attendees feel welcome.

"It's all in good natured fun" Said Jim Huettle, a veteran Keystone Kop, who assured KTVA's Daybreak that if someone did not want to go to join for not wearing their pin, that's perfectly OK.

The importance of the pin is not only to represent Rondy pride, but according to Jim, the sales of the pins help cover a third of the operating budget for Fur Rondy.  

This year's image is three husky puppies in a basket. You can get this year's adorable commemorative pin by flagging down one of the Keystone Kops out on the streets for the entire duration of Fur Rondezvous 2018.

If you are interested in how to become a Keystone Kop, head to Kiwanisua.portalbuzz.com.

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