If Dimond basketball is to repeat as state champion, it'll take some doing.

Last year, the Lynx rolled out a group with nine seniors. Now, Horning is the leader and he's taken to the job. 

"It's really fun," he said. "It's fun being the team leader and having them look up to you." 

But his life is personally challenging too. Nic's father is in the military and stationed in the Lower 48. His mother never misses an opportunity to see her son. 

"She comes to all my games," he said.

Academically, he's thriving in an area which many might find difficult. Nic currently holds a 3.6 GPA while taking advanced placement statistics. 

"I really like doing statistics," he said. "I just have a passion for that. Good for sports and other things like that. Really fun." 

This year, Nic would love to add another statistic to the Dimond record book: back-to-titles.  

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