A 3-year-old dog dropped during this year's race was reportedly hit and killed by a vehicle in Anchorage after escaping from his handler's home, according to Iditarod race marshall Mark Nordman.

The dog, Groovey, was a member of John Baker's dog team. He was turned over to the handler on Saturday after being deemed in good health.

"He was in good health at the time of discharge," Nordman wrote in a Monday release.

Groovey was reported missing to Anchorage Animal Care and Control Saturday evening. His body was found near Northern Lights and Bragaw St. in east Anchorage.

Groovey's identity was confirmed through a microchip.

Two other dogs have died during this year's Iditarod.

A 2-year-old dog named Smoke from Scott Smith's team died of apparent hyperthermia while being transported to Anchorage from the Galena checkpoint.

Deacon, a 2-year-old dog from Seth Barnes' team, died unexpectedly just before Galena. A necropsy found abnormalities, but no specific cause of death has been determined.