Skis? Check.

In-run? Check.

Guts? Check.

Time to go. 

There will be plenty of short-haul flights (or long distance jumps, depending on your perspective) this week. The Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage once again plays host to the 2018 Ski Jumping Nordic Combined Junior National Championships. 

The height of the ski jump and the ground level Nordic ski portion make for the combination. At the Karl Eid Ski Jumps, there are four jumps of 10-, 20-, 40- and of course, the 65-meter launch. The in-run is the ramp ski jumpers use to gain height and distance. 

The Anchorage facility is getting high marks from the visitors.

"It's really smooth, and it's probably some of the best conditions I've ever jumped in," said Logan Gundry, of Wisconsin. 

The event is back a year earlier than expected. It usually comes around every five years and was scheduled for 2019. But one of the divisions asked to switch, so here it is again.

And the timing worked out. Although the snow total has been lower than expected, the locals were ready, 

"Luckily, we have our own snowmaking out here," said Karen Compton of the Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage. "We did have more natural now. I remember four years ago, we had a couple of very late snow storms that wound up helping us immensely."

Tuesday and Wednesday were set aside for jumping practice. Competition begins Thursday. Skiing runs at Kincaid Park Thursday and Friday while the ski jump elimination round goes Saturday at noon. 

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