Social media-savvy Anchorage residents have found a way to help victims of vehicle theft.

University of Alaska Anchorage student Aubrey Davis-Loosli says she got her Honda CRV back thanks to Facebook posts, after it was stolen last weekend.

"I went to go get it started and I was like, 'Hmmm, my car isn't here,'” said Aubrey Davis-Loosli.

Thieves interrupted Davis-Loosli’s daily routine right outside her front door.

"It was especially devastating to me, because I'm a full-time student and I work on the weekends,” Davis-Loosli said. ‘So school is really expensive and I pay for it myself."

She called APD and went straight to social media, posting her car's information on Facebook pages helping to address Alaska crime including Stolen in Alaska and Alaska Stolen Vehicle Recovery as well as Anchorage Scanner JOE. On Thursday, she got a response on Facebook.

"Someone who browses named Tosha goes through those stolen pages, had seen my car and recognized the car with a dent,” Davis-Loosli said. “So he immediately messaged me. So all of this was through Facebook which is crazy and he was like, 'I think I found your car.'”

APD officials say Facebook posts have been very helpful in finding stolen cars, as thefts statewide have risen sharply in recent years.

"We appreciate all of the assistance we get from the public on stolen vehicles," said Deputy Chief Ken McCoy. "When the public uses social media sites to inform one another, those extra eyes and ears on the street are a benefit to us."

According to Davis-Loosli, police got a report that her Honda was seen parked off Dimond Boulevard. Four officers quickly responded to secure it, and Davis-Loosli said she's grateful that APD and good Samaritans worked together to reunite her with her car.

"Just seeing like how many people showed up, it was so cool with APD being there and all of the Samaritans being there, just for my '99 CRV,” Davis-Loosli said. “It’s not like I'm driving a Ferrari; it is a beat up old car. It’s my everything though -- that car is how I get to work and school. Without it I would have to drop out. I wouldn't have a way to get there."

APD wants to remind everyone to not put yourself in harm's way to recover a stolen vehicle. If you see one, just call 911.

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