Allen Moore won his third Yukon Quest early Tuesday morning. According to race standings and the race's online tracker, he crossed the finish line at Whitehorse at about 7 a.m.

With lead dogs Commando and Dutch in front for most of the race, Moore jumped out to an insurmountable five-hour lead and cruised to victory. For much of the trip, it was smooth sailing, but a couple of inches of snow Tuesday morning dropped the pace.  

"It was punchy. That probably slowed us down a lot in this last run. The trail up to yesterday was fantastic."

The veteran musher finished ahead of 2017 champion Matt Hall during the 1,000-mile race from Fairbanks to Whitehorse.

Moore's Midas touch at the Quest continued. He's never finished lower than sixth, and this marks his third win. 

This team will now go to his wife Aliy Zirkle, who will run this group in next month's Iditarod. 

"I just got them in shape for her," Moore said, with a grin. 

Moore will also run in the Last Great Race with a team that includes 12 2-year-olds. 

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Moore finished with all four team dogs that with which he began the race.

"Not many people have arrived at the finish chute in any position with 14 dogs, and if I knew the answer how to do that every time, I'd be doing it. So that a difficult one," Moore said. 

The dogs were fed steak at the finish line. 

This year's Quest has been an eventful race, with two-time winner Hugh Neff leaving the trail after the Friday death of a dog from aspiration. Musher Jason Campeau was medevaced from the trail Wednesday after he reportedly suffered two concussions.

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