A former Alaskan who moved to South Korea had a seat at the country’s greatest show this year – the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Kris Jenkins, a social worker who lived in Fairbanks and North Pole for years, shared photos and video from the ceremonies with KTVA. She said via Skype Friday night that she really enjoyed the Pyeongchang event.

“The various shows that they did, the initial ones with the dragons and the tigers, that was pretty cool to watch that part,” Jenkins said. “There was so many people – I think the stadium held like 35,000 people. They had cheerleaders at every section, that were dancing to music the while ceremony."

Jenkins paid $800 for a ticket, and received a bag of goodies at the stadium.

“It was very cold, relatively, about 18 [degrees] with the wind chill,” Jenkins wrote on Facebook. “They provided a bag of hand warmers (10), a heavy-duty poncho to keep the chill down, seat cushions, a little light torch and a small Korean drum.”

Jenkins says the mood is festive all over the Olympic Village. She also plans to attend the men's hockey bronze-medal game, set for Feb. 24.

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