An Anchorage teen faces multiple assault charges after an argument over $10 turned into a physical fight and vehicle crash near south Anchorage. 

Anchorage Police spokesperson Renee Oistad said police responded to Abbott Road and Claridge Place after receiving a call about a vehicle crash. 

According to charging documents, Daniel Mosquito was driving a blue Chevy pickup eastbound on Abbott Road on Wednesday when it crossed the center line and crashed head-on into Hyundai Sonata.

"The driver’s 5-year-old daughter was belted in the front passenger seat but did not have a booster seat," Oistad said.  

Prior to the crash, 18-year-old Trevor Mike was riding in the backseat when he got into a fight with the couple over money he had stolen from his mother.

"According to Daniel and Nancy Mosquito (Mike's mom), they were talking to Mike about $10 he had previously taken from Nancy," charging documents read. "Mike, who was sitting in the rear, driver's side seat, punched Nancy, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, twice in the mouth."

Mike then reached over Daniel and jerked the steering wheel into oncoming traffic. Oistad said after the crash, Mike got out of the truck and ran into a wooded area. 

"Officers followed Mike’s tracks into the woods. They located Mike lying down in the snow and missing one of his sandals," said Oistad.

According to charging documents, officers noticed a cut on Nancy's lip, which was caused by a ring she was wearing when she tried to block Mike's punches. 

The driver of the Hyundai and her 14-year old daughter received minor injuries in the crash. No one in the pickup was hurt in the collision. 

Daniel was cited for failure to properly secure a child.

This was Mike's first criminal charge. He was charged with seven counts of assault in the third-degree and one count of assault in the fourth-degree. 

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