China will host the 2022 Winter Olympics, and Alaska may play a role in which athletes from that country will compete.

The Kunlun Red Star Women's Hockey Team trained in Anchorage earlier this month.

Zoe Hickel plays on the squad, and arranged the visit to her hometown. Hickel will also help prepare the Chinese players for the Olympics.

If Governor Bill Walker has his way, Chinese downhill skiers may also train in Alaska, as they get ready for the games.

"It's one of the things President Xi brought up to me in his visit. We went out to Beluga Point, if we had more time, we would have gone all the way to Alyeska, it was the time of the year, there was still snow on the mountains, that's a great opportunity for us," Walker said.

No word yet form Alyeska if the Chinese government has contacted the resort about bringing its skiers to our state to train.

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