Anchorage’s current mayor has filed for a second term Friday, as a challenger seeking to unseat him also submitted her paperwork.

Democratic Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Rebecca Logan, endorsed by the Alaska Republican Party, both visited the municipal clerk’s office to put their names on the April ballot in Anchorage’s first vote-by-mail election.

Logan is general manager of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, a mining and oil-industry group, and chair of Chugach Electric’s board of directors. According to her campaign website, her platform against Berkowitz is focused on fighting widespread Anchorage crime, as well as minimizing residents’ tax burden and boosting the local economy.

Logan told reporters Friday that she had just spoken with 500 business owners at a one-day energy conference hosted in Anchorage by the industry alliance.

“I think there’s two basic things I’m looking at, crime and business,” Logan said. “I’m very, very adamant about not imposing taxes or small taxes on businesses in this town, when we’re just starting to come out of a recession.”

Residents have told Logan that crime is a far greater priority than any other local issues, she said.

“I feel like we need to take a different path on crime,” Logan said. “Mike Ditka likes to say, ‘You get what you tolerate,’ and we’re tolerating a lot of stuff right now. We’re seeing a lot of crime go unpunished, and you can’t do that and expect to have a safe city.”

Berkowitz, who visited the clerk’s office shortly after Logan, has run a campaign emphasizing his record since voters chose him in 2015 to succeed Dan Sullivan.

“The job I started hasn’t been finished yet,” Berkowitz said. “I love what I’m doing and there’s been substantial progress made to add officers to the police force, which will make Anchorage a safer place to live.”

Berkowitz also cited the proposed sale of Municipal Light & Power to Chugach Electric, saying that proceeds from the $1 billion deal will lower property taxes in the municipality. He said he plans to maintain a positive tone during the mayoral race.

“What we’re really trying to do is ensure that the conversation is about what we can achieve and what we can do in this city,” Berkowitz said. “Too much of the debate that’s occurring at the state level and at the national level is about what we can’t do, and I feel very strongly that Anchorage ought to be an island of progress and stability as we move forward.”

Voters will receive mailed ballots for the election, which are to be returned by the April 3 election date. Residents will also be able to vote at a number of central polling places in Anchorage.

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