A vocal advocate for public education has decided she wants to challenge the longest-serving member of Congress, Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska).

Alyse Galvin, 52, of Anchorage, Thursday afternoon arrived at the Division of Elections office to file paperwork for the August primary.

She filed as an Independent in what's currently a narrow candidate field and will run in the Democratic primary.

She filed alongside her husband, Pat Galvin, former revenue commissioner under Gov. Sarah Palin.

Also joining her were daughter Bridget, 20, and son Camden, a 17-year-old who will be eligible to vote for his mother in the upcoming election.

After filing, Galvin said she believed Alaskans were ready for a change.

“I think we’ve reached that point right now where we’re tired of what’s happening in Washington and we are tired of feeling as though the folks in Washington are not doing what Alaskans need,” she said.

Young is finishing his twenty-third term and became the longest current member of Congress when Michigan Democrat John Conyers resigned last year amid sexual harassment allegations.

He has hardly been challenged in general elections dating back at least to 2000 and has garnered as much as 75 percent of the vote in one race.

The closest anyone came in recent efforts was then-Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell during the 2008 primary. Young edged Parnell by 204 votes, less than one percentage point.

In 2016, the most recent election, he defeated Democratic challenger Steven Lindbeck by 44,000 votes and a comfortable 16 percentage point difference.

Still, Galvin steadfastly believes running as an Independent represents how Alaskans are leaning.

“Alaskans are sick of the work that’s happening that is not bi-partisan,” she said. “There are so many partisan battles that are getting in the way of solving problems. I think that people are tired of that."

A spokesman for Young’s campaign said in an emailed statement, "We welcome all challengers and look forward to another spirited campaign.“

Two other challengers have so far filed to take on Young: Anchorage Democrat Dimitri Shein and Juneau’s Gregory Fitch, also Independent.

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