The owner of a marijuana growing business says the Municipality of Anchorage is putting his safety at risk by posting security details about his business online. The Anchorage Assembly and Municipal Attorney agree it's a problem that needs to be fixed.

Dane Wyrick owns Danish Gardens in south Anchorage. Last month, thieves broke in and stole $150,000 worth of packaged marijuana. Wyrick said the city made it too easy for them by listing where his security cameras are located, where his marijuana is stored-- even blueprints of his floor plans.

Under Municipal Code, Wyrick's application for a marijuana license is considered a public record that anyone can access on the municipal website. But, Wyrick said there are some details the public doesn't need to see.

Assemblyman John Weddleton agrees.

"If they break in, they know just where to go," said Weddleton. "We have that in there and we are going, 'why is it in there?' It doesn't benefit us and it creates a security risk."

Weddleton said the assembly is working on changes to the municipal code governing marijuana that would end the practice of publishing sensitive information about security at marijuana businesses.

Municipal Attorney Becky Pearson said she believes the code allows the city to take down sensitive information that is already online.

The head of the State Marijuana Office, Erika McConnell, said her office is in the process of removing security information from public view.

“Security is an issue and we want to make sure that there aren’t opportunities for criminals to have access to information that would help them break into facilities more easily," said McConnell.

McConnell said in the future, applicants won't need to submit the same level of detail about their security plans if they want to apply for a marijuana license.

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