Around they go, up the hills at Kincaid Park, along the trail, circling the complex. More than 400 Nordic skiers from around the country are getting in their final runs before the start of this week's national championships.

"It's fast, but, a lot of the corners are really tight, so, you have to really hug the sides, so you can really shoot off," said APU's Bryce Pintner.

Blame that on the ice that built up from a day of unusually warm weather but, tournament organizers say the course can handle it.

"It can because of the amount we made, the depth we made the man-made, it can handle a little bit of warning," says tournament chairperson Joey Caternichio.

There's plenty of debate as to who will benefit.

"A lot of these people come from warmer states, so, they're probably used to this, living in Alaska, I'm not really used to this stuff but, we'll see," says Pintner.

"I'm a stable skier, so, I think I'll have an advantage over that, whatever will be, I think will be good," countered University of Utah's Hakon Hjelstuen

However, weather may balance with familiarity.

"I do think there is a little home course advantage just knowing these trails but, other than that, there are some fantastic skiers from around the country and Alaska, so, we'll see who wins," says Caternichio.

While there is brown to be found at Kincaid Park, organizers of the national championships say the white is in the right places.

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