A resident discharged a firearm Tuesday morning in Juneau after seeing two people being injured while trying to break up a dogfight. 

Tuesday morning around 10:45, Juneau Police were notified of a dogfight in the 4400 block of Columbia Boulevard; the complainant also reported seeing a man lying on the ground and said they'd also heard a gunshot.

Officers determined a dog sitter was walking a dog on a leash when a second dog approached and confronted the leashed dog, prompting a fight between the two. 

The dog owner and dog sitter attempted to break up the dogfight, and meanwhile, a third party came out of their home and fired a shot into the ground. 

The shot caused the animals to stop fighting, and the dog sitter and homeowner were able to get the dogs under control.

One of the dogs sustained injuries and was taken to the animal hospital for evaluation. 

Both of the people involved in breaking up the dogfight sustained injuries, with one having a possible broken hand, JPD says. 

Animal Control is investigating the dog bite, while JPD is investigating the discharge of a firearm.

The breeds of the dogs involved were not released.

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