With the tax reform vote Tuesday night, which includes a provision that opens up a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge(ANWR) to drilling for oil and gas, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) will be hard at work trying to get this bill passed.

Tuesday, Senator Murkowski wore Hulk earrings in honor of the late Senator Ted Stevens. Stevens was known for wearing superhero ties and would wear a Hulk tie whenever he tried to get ANWR passed.

Senator Murkowski told CNN, "when he wore his Hulk tie, he meant business."

Murkowski, who's very superstitious, said she's had the earrings for a while but didn't wear them until Tuesday because she said she "never had just the right moment." 

"So, I figured today was the day to be channeling my inner Ted Stevens and wearing the Hulk," she said.

Opening up ANWR for drilling has been a goal of Alaska politicians for decades, including a goal of her father, former Senator Frank Murkowski. 

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