Anchorage Police have one man in custody in connection with a stolen vehicle case. 

Around 11:15 Sunday night, APD dispatch received a call from a man who reported he'd spotted his occupied stolen vehicle, a blue 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and confronted the suspects near the intersection of Oklahoma Street and Peck Avenue. 

The victim stated the driver of the car attempted to strike him with the stolen SUV. The victim says he grabbed one of the rear door handles and was dragged about 100 feet down the road before he let go. 

Responding officers located the stolen vehicle near Boniface Parkway and Mountain View Drive and activated their lights and sirens but the driver of the Jeep refused to stop and attempted to get onto the Glenn Highway; however, officers were able to block in the vehicle before it entered the highway. 

Both male occupants were taken into custody without further incident. 

APD spokesperson Renee Oistad says the driver of the car, 34-year-old Matthew Waters, was taken to the Anchorage Jail where a stolen credit card was found on his person. The card had been reported stolen from a vehicle just hours earlier, Oistad says.

Waters is charged with first-degree vehicle theft, third-degree assault, fail to stop at the direction of a police officer and second-degree theft. 

The male passenger was not charged. 

The victim sustained minor injuries-- abrasions on his legs-- but did not require medical attention.

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