An overnight camper at McHugh Creek had to be rescued Wednesday after falling and breaking his leg.

Chugach Park Rangers got the call just after 9 a.m. Two men were camping in the area; one of them got up before sunrise and was walking around when he fell into a steep canyon crevasse.

Rangers say the man was hard to find in the terrain, which is especially treacherous because of the burned out debris from the McHugh Creek Fire in 2016.

"The entire area burned over, and the ground underneath and is really slippery with a lot of loose rock. There's alder that didn't burn, there's devils club and its a very steep canyon walls on either side of where this gentleman is," said Tom Crockett, Chugach State Park.

The man broke his lower leg and had to be pulled out with some equipment and eight volunteers from the Alaska Mountain Rescue Group. He's expected to be okay.

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