Two "extremely intoxicated" men were arrested Tuesday morning after a string of incidents downtown. 

Anchorage Police were initially called to the Chevron on 6th Avenue around 1:10 a.m. Tuesday in response to a physical disturbance report. 

Renee Oistad, APD spokesperson, says the two suspects, Franklin Lish, 43, and Gary Iyatunguk, 38, arrived at the gas station in a cab they didn't pay for. 

Chevron employees asked Lish to leave, believing that he was stealing, but Lish returned a short time later. The second time Lish was asked to leave, Oistad says, Lish became belligerent and punched an employee in the head. A security guard intervened and helped the employee remove Lish from the store.

Upon exiting, Oistad says Lish and Iyatunguk shoved the security guard, who was not injured. 

Officers found Lish and Iyatunguk shoving each other at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Hyder Street. Lish followed commands by the officers, Oistad says, but Iyatunguk did not. It took two officers to place Iyatunguk in handcuffs. 

Lish is charged with assault for punching the Chevron employee. Iyatunguk was arrested on an outstanding warrant.  

Neither the cab driver nor the security guard wished to press charges. 

Gary Iyatunguk was arrested on an outstanding warrant but it was not for escape as previously reported.

APD says both men showed signs of "extreme intoxication".

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