Police and medics responded to the Midtown Walmart on after receiving reports of a man who stole merchandise and pepper sprayed a man outside the store Monday night, authorities say.

APD spokesperson Renee Oistad said, 30-year-old Eric T. Peter walked into Walmart on A Street, picked up several items and walked out without paying. As he was walking through the parking lot, he passed by a man and pepper sprayed him. 

From there, Peter went over to the Holiday Gas Station at 36th Avenue and C Street, picked up some food and walked out without paying. Oistad said a Holiday employee confronted Peter outside of the store and went back inside after he threatened to pepper spray her. 

Shortly after, an officer arrived at the gas station. Peter ignored his commands until another officer arrived.

"Once the second officer arrived, Peter stopped walking but initially refused to drop the pepper spray and kept yelling, 'shoot me' at the officers," Oistad said. "Eventually, Peter dropped the spray and was taken into custody."

When Peter arrived at the Anchorage Jail's "Sally Port," he broke the door handle from inside the parked patrol car, according to Oistad.

Police say he was intoxicated when he committed the crimes. 

The pepper spray victim was taken to the hospital. Oistad said he was uncooperative with police and refused to answer any questions including if he knew Peter.

Peter was charged with criminal mischief, robbery, theft and misconduct involving a weapon. 

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