Alaska has the highest healthcare costs in the nation, according to a report prepared for the Alaska Department of Administration. In some cases, families spend as much on coverage here as they do on a mortgage -- with monthly payments that tally thousands of dollars.

Why is it so expensive?

Alaska Common Ground, a non-profit that focuses on Alaska's public policy issues, is hosting a series of public forums on the topic. On Sunday, the group's director, Cliff Groh, sat down with KTVA to discuss the drivers behind the high costs of care, and shared some tips on how Alaskans can keep their healthcare bill down. 

While Groh says leading a healthy lifestyle is the key, other recommendations include:

1. Seeking in-network providers for care, when possible 

2. Asking questions, taking notes, and being prepared to negotiate

3. Letting providers know you are shopping

In the video below, Groh also shares his thoughts on efforts to create a state health care authority. 

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