Charity Folcik had no idea, seven years ago, that going to garage sales, dumps and thrift stores and looking for old furniture to reinvent would turn into a full-time business -- with its own craft fair.

"I just started with buying junk and repurposing it and selling it," Folcik said. "People really started liking my stuff and then I went into clothing."

Charity helped start the business Alaska Chicks and while at first they didn't make clothing, that soon changed.

"The first hoodie I made was "Alaska Tough Chick," Folcik said. "I wanted to honor the women of Alaska. Most of them are awesome, tough women."

That appreciation has been repaid over the past three years. Folcik started selling her work at a small craft show in downtown Palmer, which led to the Vintage Holiday Market, a full-fledged craft show.

"It started at the Palmer Train Depot, a historic building in downtown Palmer two years ago," Folcik said. "The capacity of that building is 500 and we had like 4,000 people come through that day. So we were like, 'We need a bigger building,' so we moved into the (Alaska State Fairgrounds') Raven Hall."

After three very successful spring shows, the demand for holiday shows soon followed. The popularity so great that vendors are now allowed by invitation only.

"We call it Alaska’s trendiest show for a reason," Folcik said. "It has to be of good quality and trendy style with a vintage flair. Most of these vendors do that. We have 100 local vendors; most of them work from their home like I did -- trying to make a few extra dollars for their families -- and that is important to me."

The market features local crafters, designers and artisans. There's also music, fresh foods and one-of-a-kind finds.

The market continues on Sunday, Nov. 19 at Raven Hall from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free all day.