Fish and Game is calling it a dangerous situation that doesn't leave them many options. The Department says a mother brown bear with three cubs, have been raiding trash in Eagle River and will need to be put down.

Biologist Dave Battle says the Department got word about two weeks ago, that the bears were making their way through Eagle River neighborhoods, scoring meals from people's trash, as they ran from one house to the next.

Last week, a Fish and Game educator knocked on neighbor's doors to remind them the Bears are still active. Battle said they urged neighbors to leave their trash inside until pick-up day. Most people complied, according to Battle, but added, it only takes a few who don't to attract bears. He said the situation is extremely frustrating.

"Particularly when people know these bears are coming through and they are continually leaving their trash out. That is what is endangering all these people in these neighborhoods," he said.

Battle said the situation is dangerous because a brown bear with three cubs could easily become aggressive -- especially around food. He said the decision to put them down is a matter of public safety, even if people are ultimately at fault.

In the meantime, Battle urged people to keep an eye on their children while biologists look for the Bears. He said parents with children who normally walk to school may want to consider giving them a lift.

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