The city has had a busy summer taking down homeless camps but some people are frustrated that so many of the camps remain.

Police Chief Justin Doll said he understands that reaction, but the Department is doing all that it can.

"We do want to get those cleaned up as quickly as we possibly can," said Doll. "But there is a lag time sometimes, and I totally get why that's frustrating for people who live in the area or who actually use the trails."

The Municipal Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for cleaning up camps once police have notified the occupants and given them 15 days to leave. But Parks and Rec director John Rodda said the clean-up rarely happens immediately after the 15 days are up because of staffing issues. He said it can take several weeks before work crews can get to a site.

Radda said more resources would make the clean-up go faster, especially if there was funding for employee crews year round. He added that most of the work dismantling homeless camps end once the snow flies. He said many of the sites will have to be addressed in the spring.

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