The 2017 South High volleyball season has taken many forms. Off the court the Wolverines were community-minded, raising more than $1,000 for hurricane relief following Harvey, Irma and Maria. On the court, the reigning state runner-up was able to piece together a third-seed finish after losing the majority of their team to graduation.

South returned only two players. Both were seniors. One of whom was Emilye Grace Williams. 

Williams offers strong leadership on the court, inspiring others through action. She has many awards attached to her name including multiple "Max Prep Player of the Match" honors her senior season.

Williams' off the court accolades may be the most impressive. On track to graduate with honors, the team captain came up with the idea to raise money for hurricane relief. She's the President of the "Make a Difference" club, participates in "Partners Club", and volunteers as a peer mentor, Boys and Girls Clubs volleyball coach, and with the "Rescue Mission" on Tudor.

The future is bright, as Williams is looking at a career in political science or business. With many goals and interests, her top priority is playing volleyball at the collegiate level. Something she'd prefer to do in a warmer climate.

This week's KTVA Sports Scholar Athlete is Emilye Grace Williams, a team leader and selfless contributor to our community.