Tuesday is your chance to take the kids trick or treating and watch a family classic at the theater. A special Halloween production of 'Journey to Oz' is taking place at the Atwood Concert Hall Tuesday night.

Daybreak was joined by Chris Parks, producing artistic director for the Experiential Theater Company.

"Journey to Oz" is an adaptation of L. Frank Baum's book, "Wonderful World of Oz."

As Chris explained, the world of Oz is much more than what was shown in the popular film, as there was a collection of books based in the Oz universe.

"The Oz series was just as popular as Harry Potter", said Parks.

The production is a celebration of the world of Oz and its creators, giving audience members a chance to see the books come to life in person.

"Journey to Oz" has a huge foundation of audience participation, involving the children in the audience to come up on stage and play various roles in the production.

"The role of Dorothy is only ever played by audience members," stated parks.

The family-friendly, costumed event takes place Tuesday, starting at 7 p.m. at the Atwood Concert Hall.

For tickets, call 263-ARTS or head to AKJT.org.

If you cannot make it, there will be another event on Wednesday in which cast members will read from the Wizard of Oz stories and have activities for children as well. That event will take place at the Loussac Library at 4 p.m.