To meet this week's KTVA scholar-athlete, you'll have to get in the pool. 

It's a place Ryan Chastain knows well. He's been finding his way there since he was 4 years old. Swimming has been a part of him for that long. 

"Honestly, the sport's great, the people are amazing, it's such a great community, it's really awesome," he said.

The Colony High School senior has certainly established himself as a go-to guy out of the water too. He carries a weighted GPA of 4.6 with advanced classes. 

Chastain's hopes to extend beyond academics and athletics. He hopes to swim in college and attend one of the service academies.

"It's the same kind of community I've grown up in, my dad's a police officer," he said. "It's the same vibe I've been in my whole life, I just think anything in that area would be awesome."

His head coach thinks he'll be a great addition.

"He's just a good all-around citizen, always good in class, polite to his teachers, staff, dresses professionally every day, I think that needs to be recognized," said Dawn Bettrager.

So does KTVA.

In the meantime, his goal is simpler-- helping Colony earn a state title.