White House adviser Ivanka Trump spoke in favor of the Republican effort to overhaul the nation's tax code system in Pennsylvania on Monday during a town hall event with U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza.

Trump has previously spoken out about economic issues, including the administration's paid family leave policy, but focused much of her remarks on Monday addressing the administration's proposal to expand the $1,000 child tax credit.

Details on just how much the credit should increase to have not been settled.

"We're advocating strongly for the expansion of the child tax credit, we think it's critically important to help offer American families much-needed relief and prioritize what's right for their families," said Trump, the president's eldest daughter.

She added, "This tax credit enables a family to decide what is a right investment for them and their child. It's a very well-designed credit that will have a very big difference in the lives of families but also can be unique to that individual family."

Trump said it was very important to make the credit refundable and that it was vital to recognize what the "modern American family looks like."

"Every parent has to manage the competing demands of raising a family and their passions, whether it be professional or otherwise, and I too had to manage that, but I'm far more fortunate than most and I had help. I wouldn't be able to do even a small fraction of what I was doing professionally or as a parent, just being so tired and overtasked, if I didn't have access to the means to be able to put myself my children in a secure and safe and protected and nurturing environment," she said.

She touted her father's tax blueprint as "squarely targeted at creating jobs for this country, creating growth for this country and offering relief to middle-income families."

"It's time we recognize as a country that we have to have policies that mirror our values  -- work and family," said Trump, arguing that the tax reform plan does just that.

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