A science teacher in a middle school. KTVA 11’s Teacher of the Week said he can’t imagine being anywhere else.

"I’ve never had the same day twice in middle school. So, middle school science really, truly is my dream job,” explained Paul Kostival.

Kostival has taught seventh- and eighth-grade science at Romig Middle school the last seven years. Prior to that, he taught science at Clark Middle School for 13 years.

With an emphasis on STEM learning in our schools, Kostival said he relishes his role of getting students interested in science, technology, engineering and math.

"I celebrate it and I'm glad that folks are recognizing the importance of science because I've known that for the last 20 years-- how important it is."

Regardless of the field his students one day work in, Kostival hopes science encourages them to dig deeper.

"That sense of inquiry. Wanting to know how things work and why, and wanting to ask questions and then find answers,” said Kostival.

His class is constantly searching for answers, thanks to exciting hands-on lessons that keep them engaged.

"All the lessons he does, he makes them fun and interesting,” explained eighth grader Alexandrea Hermann. “He just does it in such a kid-friendly way that we understand it."

Kostival said the secret to his success is his genuine desire to make sure his students are prepared for the future.

"I love my job but I also understand the importance of it and that gives you drive. It's about the caring for the kids and building those relationships they see as genuine. Helping them get ready for the next level. I think that's where it comes from, where the energy comes from,” said Kostival.