An American flag made its way to Anchorage Saturday night for the family of Adrian Murfitt, a Dimond High School graduate who was killed in the Las Vegas country music festival shooting. The flag was presented to Adrian's mother Avonna, with Adrian's sister Shannon by her side at the Hilton Hotel.

The flag was shipped to Anchorage after it was part of a memorial ride in Las Vegas two weeks ago. The Silver State Wranglers Jeep Club of Las Vegas drove 58 flags around town, for the 58 people killed in the shooting. Jeep club members Webe Webowitz and her husband Jack Weaver chose to pick a flag representing Murfitt because Jack is from Alaska.

Webowitz says he worked as a Juneau Police officer from 1976 to 1979. He then moved to Las Vegas where he worked for the Las Vegas Police Department for more than 30 years before retiring.

Webowitz says the memorial ride was an emotional one, especially when the large group of jeeps hit red lights.

"Strangers just walked up to you and offered to shake your hand and say thank you for this," Webowitz told KTVA.

The group also drove by the Mandalay Bay where the shooting happened.

"I felt very moved. I was proud that I was able to do something to give back," Webowitz said.

Anchorage Police Department chaplains, accompanied by some of Adrian's friends who were wearing cowboy hats, presented the Las Vegas flag to Adrian's mother Avonna. She then hugged Adrian's friends one-by-one. The service ended with a toast to "Murf".

KTVA was told the evening continued with country music and line dancing in memory of Adrian Murfitt.

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