An alert south Anchorage citizen’s call to police Wednesday morning led officers to take two women into custody from a loaded U-Haul vehicle reported as stolen.

Just before 6 a.m., police spokesman MJ Thim said in a statement, police received a report from the 9100 block of Cranberry Street near Victor Road that two people were “looking around the area with a flashlight and leaving in a U-Haul truck.”

“When officers arrived in the area, they located the U-Haul Truck in the parking lot of the Chevron Gas Station at the intersection of West Dimond [Boulevard] and Victor [Boulevard],” Thim wrote. “Officers ran a background check on the vehicle and discovered it has been reported stolen on [Oct. 7].”

The U-Haul’s driver, 35-year-old Marian Soifua, is charged with vehicle theft. Thim said she was also wanted on two outstanding warrants, one of them for a felony charge. Soifua’s passenger, 36-year-old Shandra Vogel, is charged with criminal mischief under Anchorage’s new anti-joyriding ordinance passed by the Assembly last week.

Investigators were evaluating whether Wednesday’s arrests might lead to breaks in other property crimes.

“We did find multiple items inside the back of the U-Haul truck,” Thim said. “What we’re doing right now is going through all of the items to determine if they’re stolen and linked to anything, or if they’re just linked to this case.”

Thim praised the caller who reported the prowling activity and prompted the arrests.

“The person who did this did the right thing,” Thim said. “They saw suspicious activity in their neighborhood, called us and we arrested two people.”