Prolific documentarian Ric Burns is putting on a special showing of his latest work, titled 'Vision & Voices Lecture Series' at the Anchorage Museum tonight.

Ric Burns joined us on the couch to talk about the event, and his thoughts on documentary,

"We need to be in contact with our history", says Burns on the importance of documentaries, "All of us are born in local places, we tend to think that's the center of the world".

Burns gained fame through his documentary series 'Pilgrims', as well as the work he did with his brother Ken Burns on 'The Civil War' on PBS.

His new work, 'Vision and Voices Lecture Series' features thought leaders from film, history, science, literature, and culture who reflect on the human condition.

'Vision and Voices Lecture Series' will take place tonight at the Anchorage Museum. The event starts at 7p.m. For information, head to