The Better Business Bureau is putting on a free event this weekend called 'Shred It', aimed at helping people better protect their identity.

We were joined by Michelle Tabler of the Better Business Bureu, who gave us an idea of how serious it is to protect your information.

"It's a major problem now", says Tabler, "Identity theft still happens by typical means, going through unsecured mailboxes or people's trash." She even detailed instances of thieves going through the city dump to acquire discarded information, highlighting the importance of shredding it.

Starting tomorrow at 10 a.m. the Shred It event will kick off on both the outside and inside of the sears mall. They ask that participants bring all forms of sensitive paper or other documentation featuring personal information, but they also ask that you bring your old phones, as they still contain valuable information that should be disposed of.

For more information, please contact the Better Business Bureau.