Anchorage police say they realize people are concerned about crime, especially the kind that hits close to home. They want residents to know there are things they can do to feel more secure in their homes. Officer Robin Naves offered some tips.

Nave said one of the most important things people can do to discourage thieves, is to have plenty of lights and encourage their neighbors to do the same.

"When all the houses have lights, it creates an environment where people are like, wow, there are lots of lights in this neighborhood and people are watching and possibly, being more aware," said Nave.

If you have a window where people can see in, consider putting a lamp on a timer nearby.

"I think it's a great tool to prevent your home from becoming a target," said Nave about timers that turn on randomly throughout the day and night. "Because they'll never know if somebody is actually home."

Nave said doors should stay locked, preferably with a deadbolt and always at night. The same thing goes for windows. Nave said crank style windows should not only be shut tight, but put in the locked position as well.

"If the sides aren't locked, (thieves) are able to get a pry bar in there and rip it off the tracks," said Nave. "But if it's locked, it makes it extremely difficult."

Nave said neighbors who watch out for each other can also prevent crime, especially if someone is willing to keep an eye on your home while you are away. She said simple precautions can prevent crime, and while many of the tips may seem like common sense, they can add up to greater security.