Should hate speech be criminalized? That's the topic of debate Tuesday night between UAA debate alumni and current UAA debaters.

Mike Rose, alumni debater, Jacob Shercliffe, current UAA debater and Steven Johnson, Director of the University of Alaska Debate Program joined Daybreak Tuesday to talk about the upcoming debate. 

"There's a lot of hate speech happening in our country right now," says Rose. "Political discourse has devolved into slinging just hateful language across the aisle."

For these reasons, the UAA debaters believe the topic of hate speech is an important and relevant topic.

Not only will audience members be able to witness the debate, they will be able to weigh in and assist in the debate as well.

"The audience gets involved, they get to ask questions, get to make the decision at the end of the day, so it's really about being part of the debate experience as opposed to just watching the debate," Steven Johnson said of audience participation at tonight's debate.

'Should Hate Speech be Criminalized' takes place Tuesday night in UAA's Fine Arts building, tickets are available at the UAA tickets website.