A young boy was hit and killed in an east Anchorage parking lot Monday afternoon.

Anchorage Police Department spokesperson MJ Thim said just before 3 p.m. a female driver in an SUV was backing out of a parking lot located on the 12,500 block of Silver Fox Lane when she accidentally hit her neighbor's child. She immediately called 911 and helped the boy's father take his son to a nearby medical center.

"The father also came out, and so the driver and the father put the boy in the small SUV and drove them over to a local medical facility in the area, and attempts to save the child were unsuccessful," Thim said.

When police arrived, the boy had already been taken to First Care. Traffic investigators are on scene interviewing people in the area.

Thim said since the driver called 911 and helped the father take his son to the hospital, it doesn't appear to be intentional, however, police still are investigating.