Nikiski High School's Dylan Hooper loves his beard, which is a source of personal strength for him. Its strength is about to be put to the test.

"I think this is the fifth time I'm doing this," the Bulldogs' athletics director told KTVA Sports as he prepared for another student to use the beard for a pull-up.

The tradition started back in 2005 when Hooper coached wrestling in Dillingham.

The heaviest student weighed around 120 lbs -- the attempt on this night will be heavier -- and a possible world record breaker. That's what former wrestler Gabe Smith found.

"I realized the record was just 20 pounds off of what he had done, I was telling him, 'you have to train up for this, so you can beat the record'", Smith said.

A man in Turkey set the mark in the beard pull in 2013, with 140 pounds. Enter student Justin Cox, who came ready to be part of history, as he tipped the scale at just under 146 pounds.

It takes just a couple of seconds for Cox to complete the task, and be part of an unofficial new record.

"My neck is what I was worried about more, because the neck has to support all that weight, and that can be quite a challenge," said a relieved Hooper.

"Felt really weird, holding onto hair that long that's really prickly, not soft, it's pretty weird," said Cox, as he also collected a few souvenirs along the way, on his attempt to help make history by more than just a whisker.

No word how long it will take the folks at Guinness to certify the attempt.