On this Workforce Wednesday, we are looking at careers in occupational safety and health. Al Grant, assistant professor of the occupational safety and health program at UAA joined Daybreak to talk about the field and the opportunities available.

"An occupational safety and health practitioner or specialist assists employers ensure maximum productivity by protecting people by installing systems that will be effective in preventing accidental losses," Grant said.

There are both a two year and four-year plan available through UAA to get people trained appropriately to work in this field. Grant said, perhaps someone without a formal education could get a position in occupational health, but that they probably wouldn't go very far.

As far as an ideal candidate for a job in occupational safety, they're looking for someone who is good at communication and has a natural care for peoples well being. Together, these are ideal for someone pursuing a career in occupational safety.

Starting pay for this career can begin with a salary near $60,000, and with experience, can hit upwards of $120,00 dollars.