Call it an extended family reunion for Emilye Grace Williams at Anchorage Baptist Temple. She and fellow South Anchorage High School volleyball co-captain Zoey Keene came with a gift.

"On behalf of Samaritan's Purse, as a board of director, I'll accept this check," said Pastor Jerry Prevo of Anchorage Baptist.

The Wolverines donated $1,038 to help hurricane victims in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico, but they had help.

Fans packed the South Anchorage Concession Stand earlier this month for a match with the Lynx. Every cent went to hurricane relief. Williams organized the effort and had a feeling they'd do well.

"We always have a ton of support from South and Dimond teams when we have volleyball games, wasn't surprised, but, very happy with the result we got," Williams said.

The snacks sold themselves as volunteers only needed to collect the cash, a team effort behind the counter and on the court.

"That's kind of like what our team is, we like to give back, we stand together, so, we just support each other in everything," Keene said.

The storms may be long gone, but Pastor Jerry Prevo says help is still needed for hurricane victims -- especially in Puerto Rico.

"It's very bad, because, many people everything in their homes, their houses, because they were submerged, and anyone who has ever had a flood knows how devastating that can be, and many of these people lost everything but the clothes on their back," Pastor Prevo said, as more assistance is on the way -- some from across the continent, and a group of young ladies, whose idea of community service knows no boundary.

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