On this Travel Tuesday -- a number of stories around Alaska including, great deals for your PFD, a series of planes being retired by Alaska Airlines and a travel Milestone hit in Ketchikan.

Planes being retired: No more flying with reindeer as some unique Alaska Airlines planes are set to retire. The four Boeing 737-400's are known for hauling people, goods and even animals, on the same flight. They are designed to carry cargo in the middle, and 72 passengers in the rear. The planes usually fly to places like Nome, Utqiagvik and Deadhorse, and were also known for their famous "milk runs" from Anchorage to Southeast Alaska. The last Combi flight is scheduled for October 18, which is also Alaska day. Alaska Airlines will replace them with three dedicated cargo planes, that have been converted from passenger jets.

Cheap airfare for Alaskans: You can now use your permanent fund dividend to plan your next vacation and save some money. Alaska Airlines and Ravn have announced their PFD sales. There are dozens of deals happening now, some examples include:

  • Alaska Airlines -- You can fly from Anchorage to Fairbanks for $69 one-way, from Anchorage to Portland for just under $130, and from Anchorage or Fairbanks to Seattle for $100. You must purchase your ticket by October 12. 
  • Ravn Airlines: You can fly from Anchorage to Kenai for $69, Bethel to Anchorage for just over $100, And from Kotzebue to Anchorage starting at $130. There are many other fairs happening now at Ravn, including sales on their commuter coupon booklets. You must buy your tickets by October 10 and at least 21 days prior to travel.

A record was set in Ketchikan this week: The southeast city welcomed its one millionth cruise ship tourist. This is the first summer more than a million people have stopped in Ketchikan. The millionth passenger, Candy Borda, came in on the Norwegian cruise line M.S. Jewel. Candy and her husband took the cruise to celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary. Borda got a gift basket filled with Alaska themed souvenirs.