ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Over five million children every year are admitted into the hospital. This experience can cause great anxiety not only for the child but for the parents as well.

A hospital stay is never easy.

Ellen Earl, CCLS, a Child Life Specialist at Arnold Palmer Hospital said, “A lot of times, kids come in and they are really nervous. They are in a strange environment and meeting a brunch of new people.”

Preparation is key. If parents can explain to their kids where they are going and why they are going there, kids can be a little less anxious. Another thing that can help, bring comfort items from home such as blankets or toys.

“That way when the child separates from their parents, it’s not a difficult separation because they have those items from home that are comforting for them,” Earl shared.

Finally, if you have other children, some hospitals offer children play areas to keep siblings occupied while you talk to doctors and focus on the other child’s hospital stay. And remember to talk to your other children about what’s happening with their sibling.

Ask for a list of red flags from the doctor to look for when your child is discharged from the hospital. A parent is always the best expert on their child. If something doesn’t look or feel right, never be afraid to say so.