It's a busy time for the UAA Seawolves hockey team. They're getting ready to begin their season.

But as they do, they're thinking of ways to help others. The balance of their games are played at the Sullivan Arena. Next week though, they'll give back to the community through the sport they play.

They'll drop the puck with Simon Fraser for an exhibition game at the McDonald Center in Eagle River on Saturday, September 30.

"It's a great opportunity to not only engage in those communities but to help them in a fundraising way," said UAA head coach Matt Thomas.

It will also help Thomas' program continue to get the word out about his team, which could use a boost in home attendance.

"They get to make some money off this type of a game and to bring a little Seawolf hockey into those communities," he said. "It's certainly a nice opportunity we have to reach out."

This comes from a program, which itself, was in big trouble as recently as last year. The Seawolves found themselves on the chopping block with budget uncertainties swirling overhead. Those fears have since faded, though financial issues still persist. The athletic department recently announced this year's GCI Great Alaska Shootout, the 40th, will be the last.

Even so, the Seawolves are continuing their effort to be civic minded.