This Saturday, September 23, is the Anchorage Heart Walk, a function to bring awareness to heart disease, which is the number one killer of people in America.

Nadja Hipszer, spokesperson joined us to discuss the problem of heart disease across the country, as well as the walk bringing awareness this weekend.

According to Nadja, one in every three deaths in America is attributed to Heart Disease, and those numbers hold true for Alaska as well. She also stated that 33% of Alaskans have high blood pressure, which is a leading factor for heart disease and stroke. Some cases of heart disease can be genetic, but nearly 80% of causes are due to lifestyle choices, according to Nadja. This includes how much we eat, sit, and engage in physical activities.

The Heart Walk this weekend is all about getting out to move and bring awareness to the issue of heart disease. Any funds received during the walk will go towards funding research on the subject of heart disease, as well as support education for children on the topic.

The event is also for children, and the whole family is encouraged to go by.

Registration for the heart walk begins at 9 a.m. at the Delaney Park Strip. on Saturday, September 23.