Fall fashion with a hint of Alaskan chic. The crisp conditions outside are inspiring some wardrobe changes for fall and fashion. Experts say to think layers. Retailers at the 5th Avenue Mall have some staple pieces and trends you can refer to if you’re looking to spruce up your closet.
For women, trends for fall include lace-up combat boots, sweaters with detailing and long-length outwear.
“Velvet is everywhere,” said Ashlee Schneider, marketing director for the 5th Avenue Mall. “You can see velvet in shirts, pants and accessories, like shoes and handbags, as well.”
The long outwear is perfect for the weather in Alaska, and Schnieder says it embodies the more casual Alaskan chic look.
“We know the importance of having a long coat here in Alaska,” Schnieder added. “It’s very unfortunate when you step in a cold car, even with seat warmers, and your coat is too short.”
For men, trends this fall include quilted jackets, colors that play as neutrals and slip on boots.
“Bomber jackets are coming back,” Schneider said. “[There] are nice quilted versions out there, good stitching on them.”
The clothing used in this fashion Friday were gathered from Circular Boutique, Nordstrom, Alaska Walking Store and Banana Republic.