One Anchorage restaurant owner is so fed up with the recent string of crime, she's willing to pay for her employees to get firearms training.

PJ Gialopsos co-owns Little Italy on the south side.

"It's sad," said Gialopsos. "But, it's the new reality here. It's just ramped up and I don't know why it's ramped up." 

The restaurant and two adjoining businesses in the same building were broken into earlier this week.

Gialopsos says news of the triple homicide Tuesday, for her, was the last straw.

Taking to Facebook, Gialopsos wrote an emotional post to the "criminals of Anchorage" that they're being put on notice, and that she is signing up any and all employees to self-defense and firearms classes.

"I'm not advocating for all my employees to lock and load and be ready to come out guns a-blazing for any reason. You know, if there was a threat here, leave the building. Call the police. Let it go. But, if there's no other option," she said.

Gialopsos said she has no plans to arm her employees, but she does want them feeling comfortable enough to use a gun, whether leaving the restaurant late at night, or at their own homes.