Can you even comprehend it? Very few of us could -- running a four-minute mile.

On Wednesday, eight runners were at West High School aims to be the first to do it on an Alaskan track. It was part of the Great Alaska Mile Series.

In the end, Kyle Merber of Long Island, N.Y. made it -- and just barely -- in 3:59.36. Ben Blankenship also got in but Colby Alexander missed by one one hundredth of a second.

"Really pumped to come out and get under a four-minute mile," said Merber shortly after the race. The fact that he was able to speak as clearly that soon afterward was an amazing feat itself."

Merber added, "A little bit of a team effort with this wind but as we said before, one of us has to do it. I was able to sit back and close that last 100."

It wasn't his first success though. According to the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations), he did it outside in Raleigh last August and indoors earlier this year in Boston.    

Anchorage native Hans Roelle finished 7th. Another race goes on Saturday in Kodiak.